Census 2002



How a census takes place

A census taker (enumerator) will visit your home to fill in a questionnaire. This usually takes about 30 minutes (or more or even less) depending on the size of the household.

Your help is critical. We therefore ask every household to open their doors to the census-taker when he/she visits your home and give him/her your full co-operation when filling in the questionnaire.

Without you, census does not make sense. It is not only your responsibility to participate in the census; it is your right. So stand up and be counted and make a difference to your country.


All census officials swear an oath of secrecy and all information given is confidential. No individual information will be disclosed.



What information is needed from you


The types of questions that we ask you include:

  • Demographic and Social

  • Fertility

  • Migration

  • Education

  • Economic Activity and Employment

  • Housing

The more informed we are, the better we are to plan and prepare for the future. Your information is important and we need to get your input to get an accurate picture of Seychelles.



Census Poster




The official Census Poster is distributed to be placed around the country to make the public aware of the census taking place. 






Census Sticker




The Census Sticker will be placed by a census-taker (enumerator) on an easily visible spot on your house e.g. your door, wall. This is to show that your household has been enumerated and counted for the census.




Household Members


Housing Characteristics


This is the questionnaire that will be filled up by the census-taker (enumerator) per household. Information about the Household Members and the Housing Characteristics are asked for and written onto the questionnaire by the enumerator.



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